1. Are you a full time photographer?

I am a full time professional photographer specializing in wedding and lifestyle photography. I also teach photography classes, workshops and conferences, and coach small creative businesses.

2. What is “lifestyle” photography?

Lifestyle photography refers to a style go photography which captures portraits of people in real life situations in an artistic manner. The primary goal is to tell stories about people’s life or to inspire people with “real life” looking photography. Candids play a large role in lifestyle photography, whether it is for a family or a brand.

3. How would you describe your style?

The best way I can describe my style is to say I am a blend of classic romantic with photojournalism. I learned the art of photography in the age of film and so my shooting and editing always emulates the look of my film photography. I love the photos to look like they could be from any time , with out trendy props and poses. I also love capturing moments when I am not directing, and thus my experience in journalism plays a role in my photos.

4. What cameras do you use?

Nikon D800
Nikons D700
Pentax 645n

5. How often do you shoot film?

I shoot with my film camera at every wedding and when requested at sessions.

6. What kind of topics do you teach on?

My classes in photography range from beginning to advanced, digital to film, and can be done one on one or in groups.

7. How do I know if your business coaching is for me?

My small business coaching is for any creative businesses that want to further their business in branding, social media, administrative , or any other part in the business. After over 7 years in business, I wish I would have known what I know now when I started business and I would love to help you give life and purpose into your business.