my Services


I have and always will be a photographer. It's in my blood, it's my heart and soul, and I love telling stories through the captures. I shoot in both digital and film with my Nikon and my pentax. I am constantly striving to learn, grow, and evolve as a photographer. Shooting in the golden hour or at sunrise are my favorite times to shoot. I offer engagement, wedding, and lifestyle photography. Wedding coverage begins at $3500, engagement and lifestyle sessions begin at $500, and brand imagery sessions begin at $200. For more detailed information and pricing on my photography services please contact me. 


My other passion in life is teaching. Before I became a photographer, I was on my way to get my Masters to become an English teacher. I am so thrilled to now offer education for ALL photographers, no matter their skill set. The style of the classes range from one on one mentorships, to small group classes, and to larger workshops. I cover everything from how to shoot in manual, editing, transitioning into wedding photography, finding ideal clients, starting your business, portfolio reviews, branding and marketing, and more. Contact me to discuss what it is you are hoping to learn. 


As a wedding photography, I have had the opportunity to work closely with many vendors and I have found that we all share common goals and troubles. I started to see how I could help these businesses with issues I had run into myself. Small business coaching is meant to help you get your business launched, expanded, or rebranded.  I offer services including but not limited to: branding, marketing, graphic design, professional photography, website reviews, social media, website help, and business strategy. Contact me for a full list of services and pricing.